I just finished the Autumn and Harvest Time class .. It was so beautifully done, I could practically smell the spices and scents from the Rialto market. I loved the videos and also the historical context of the food, including the habits of the artists.. to be able to read all about the holidays and their special food was so lovely. 

JoAnn Locktov, Publisher - Dream of Venice | Bella Figura Publications

The Autumn Moon Collection includes:

e-book + virtual retreat including food + travel guides, recipes, and more!

you know it's autumn in Venice when ..

.. the Rialto Market is filled with the most colorful fruit of the year and the water turns acquamarin blue and turquoise. This season is BEST to explore Venice and taste the food, without the crowds. 

Of course, we're sharing all the recipes for you to taste at home! They are easy to prepare, and we'd be delighted if you served a Venetian menu at your home for Thanksgiving! If you are in Venice during that time, we have a restaurant guide for you to enjoy traditional menu!

More than 70 per cent of our readers visit Venice in late autumn! This is why we have created this collection of Venice online experiences: It consists of our e-book THANKSGIVING IN VENICE and AUTUMN AND HARVEST TIME IN VENICE.