Adventures ahead: The Lagoon and its culinary secrets

Healthy comfort dishes, pandemic-proof recipes: Yes, Venice has a lot of experience when it comes to mastering crises: Weathering three major outbreaks of the bubonic plague (1348, 1575, 1630) was a challenge that also left traces in the kitchen and pharmacies: These are the culinary secrets of pre-industrial times, and we invite you to join in and learn how you can benefit! 

Scroll down and get started - this is what our virtual visits to the Lagoon and culinary online experiences look like.

Laguna in Cucina - Venice Gourmet Club

Learn about Venice, delicious and healthy food and the Lagoon. Month after month, step by step, at your own time. DOORS OPEN ON 26 JULY 2020! Click here to see what’s inside.
Laguna in Cucina Cover

Venetia - Venetian Heritage and Culture

Venice will be 1600 years in 2021! A journey back in time, very colorful, to discover our city's fascinating history NOT told in guidebooks. Explore the culture, language, secret gardens, architecture, arts and crafts, spices and food culture of Venice. Includes a three-step roadmap to discovering Venice from 2020.

Are these online experiences for me?

YES, if one or more of these points sound interesting to you.

  • You would like to travel virtually to the Lagoon, discover unknown islands (there are more than 2000, amongst them 78 larger ones, almost never mentioned in guide books). And, you want to visit Venice virtually and access the online experiences any time, when YOU have time, via any of your devices (computer, laptop, mobile phone).

  • You want to know the complete story of Venice, her secret history, those parts NOT told in books, from the Venetian perspective.

  • You want to collect resources to plan your next culinary trip to Venice and into the Lagoon. And you want to taste delicous, organic, home-made Venetian food on site, while supporting Venetian family businesses.

  • You want to learn to cook Venetian dishes at home! Easy natural dishes, for everyday life. And easy, seasonal and sophisticated menus for family feasts. In short - you miss Venetian food and would like to learn to cook it yourself, but haven't figured out its secrets yet.

  • You want to dive into a lush Venetian experience, and have the opportunity to ask questions to our Venetian team in a private group (NOT on Facebook but hosted here on the Platform). Every week, you receive prompts, news, recipes from Venice, and can ask any question about Venice and food you have.