Creative Itineraries in Venice, Recipes, Decor and Floristry Trends from Venice and Italy:

Ideas from Italy to beautify your home, garden, and kitchen table!

Our online courses are for all who love Venice and Italy, and would like to get to know them from the creative point of view. Our first design + cooking course will be online on 12 December 2018. All courses are based on the Venice Heritage Course, taking you behind the scenes of this city: 38 stories tell the story of Venice and her eight pillars of colorful heritage.
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But first ... let's introduce Venice

Venetian Artistic Heritage and Its Eight Pillars

Learn to make simple, healthy and colorful dishes, that Europe used to be familiar with until 200 years ago, when European cuisine and aromas were coined by Venetian spice masters and apothecaries. Our Venice heritage course shows you the complete picture.


What Others Say About Our Courses

“La Venessiana has created an exceptional Venetian experience. Her new Venice Heritage Course is filled with intimate knowledge about the culture, language & identity of Venice. It is a brilliant solution that is both sustainable and life enriching.”

JoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura PublicationsJoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura Publications

“Thank you for your truly beautiful work! It’s not just that this recent post has got me curious about the preparation of fried elderflowers, so many of your posts over the past year have inspired me to explore more of the history, cuisine and agriculture of Venice. OG Venice truly appreciates your writing!!”

Marjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel GuideMarjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel Guide

“Your work is wonderful and a reminder of just how beautiful and truly special Venice is. It makes me long to return. Thank you for the history lesson. I’d no idea that Carnival’s roots went back so far, although I did know about fritole.”

Cho John | From the Bartolini KitchensCho John | From the Bartolini Kitchens

Let Venice Inspire You

Harness design, gardening and food trends from Venice. Learn about organic gardening, and how to use self-grown herbs and spices to create delicious and healthy food and natural remedies.

  • Each of our online classes includes ebooks, travel, gift and food guides to show you Venice from a different side.

  • Enrolling in one or more courses is an easy way for you to support Venetian social initiatives and small businesses: 30 per cent of proceeds from our class go to social initiatives, or work with Venetian small businesses.

  • Courses are easy to navigate, and you receive life-time access and all updates. You can work through the courses at your own pace, while having access to us at any time whenever you have questions.

Christmas Gifts from Our Venetian Kitchen

Gift Guide, Deco Inspiration, Floral Arrangements, Soulfood Drinks, Traditional Menus for Christmas and the New Year.

Online from 12 December 2018.
Christmas Gifts from Our Venetian Kitchen

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