Venetia - Venice Heritage Course

Telling the story of Venice from scratch.

Forgotten Venetian stories link the present to the past, and can answer many questions: Benefit from forgotten Venetian heritage and explore the context and former roles, strengths and reputation of Venice. This is information and education put in context. Discover the missing link on the map, business, politics and even in the food we eat today. Knowing the untold story of Venice can also help explaining many recent developments in European history. In addition, by enroling in our courses, you are supporting social initiatives in Venice, to which 30 per cent of revenues will be donated.
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Mapping Out the Heritage of Venice

Venice told by Venetians: Immerse yourself into Venice and the Lagoon in easy-to-navigate online courses, dedicated to Venetian culture, language, forgotten identity and food!

Venice is so much more than just another city suffering from overtourism! Our online courses are a voyage back and forth in time, providing you with five essential tools to get to know Venice, refresh your knowledge and gain exclusive insights into Venetian lifestyle, culture, language, and culinary heritage. 

Joining these online courses, you receive colorful background stories and virtual access to secret gardens via ebooks, workbooks, food for thought, forgotten recipes and responsible travel tips. Little gifts and  life-time access to our Venice library!

Voices from Participants and Readers

“La Venessiana has created an exceptional Venetian experience. Her new Venice Heritage Course is filled with intimate knowledge about the culture, language & identity of Venice. It is a brilliant solution that is both sustainable and life enriching.”

JoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura PublicationsJoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura Publications

“Thank you for your truly beautiful work! It’s not just that this recent post has got me curious about the preparation of fried elderflowers, so many of your posts over the past year have inspired me to explore more of the history, cuisine and agriculture of Venice. OG Venice truly appreciates your writing!!”

Marjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel GuideMarjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel Guide

“Your work is wonderful and a reminder of just how beautiful and truly special Venice is. It makes me long to return. Thank you for the history lesson. I’d no idea that Carnival’s roots went back so far, although I did know about fritole.”

Cho John | From the Bartolini KitchensCho John | From the Bartolini Kitchens

About Your Hosts

  • Iris  Loredana

    Iris Loredana

    Founder of La Venessiana - The Fragrant World of Venice. Works in corporate banking and sustainability.

    Iris graduated in financial management, sustainability, history, and intercultural communications. She wrote her theses on "Ecology and Urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice", and "Business Trends and Crisis Management in Europe". 15-year-experience in corporate banking and teaching business management at university. Since 2001, she has been doing research on Venetian economic history and the culinary heritage of the Republic of Venice. Together with Lina, she started La Venessiana - The Fragrant World of Venice in 2015, as blog and social business dedicated to supporting responsible tourism, social and health initiatives in Venice and the Lagoon.
  • Lina Teresa

    Lina Teresa

    Hotelier and Restaurant Owner, Chef and Cooking Instructor; Co-Founder of La Venessiana

    Lina is an experienced restaurant owner, chef and cooking instructor and above all, dedicated host at her hotel in Venice, opened in 1968. She is 95 years old and is deeply interested in Venetian garden and food culture, recipes and books. Lina inherited the books and library from the former monastery San Zaccaria. For La Venessiana, Lina provides inspiration, memories of the past, wisdom for the future, family stories, and books from her library to tell the true story of the Republic of Venice.