Virtual Retreats in Venice and the Lagoon and Exclusive Online Experiences

Enjoy a virtual visit in the Lagoon, discover its more than 2000 islands and learn more about Venetian cuisine and ancient recipes.

Adventures ahead: Explore Venice virtually and unlock our culinary secrets

Integrate Venetian recipes into daily life and learn the wisdom Venetian spice masters collected during 1,600 years in four continents: Mediterranean, Levantine, African, and Asian. Essential know-how and healthy comfort food, and pandemic-proof recipes.

The art of using local and exotic herbs, blossoms and spices to create beauty products, natural remedies and delicious food was developed in Venice during the past 1600 years of her existence.

This enormous health and culinary potential is only waiting to be unlocked and introduced to a broader public. After all, spices have always been the foundation of Venetian success, enabling Venice to shape European cuisine and health trends for centuries. 

La Venessiana has created exceptional Venetian experiences. Her new VENETIA Heritage and Culinary Online Classes are filled with intimate knowledge about the culinary culture, language & identity of Venice. It is a brilliant solution that is both sustainable and life enriching.

JoAnn Locktov - Dream of Venice

For me, La Venessiana has always stood out from other websites because of its very personal insights and real beauty – it is so beautiful! - reflecting the personality of your incomparable city. It is filled with information I never knew, and is a joy for me.

Janet Rant

We will be adding more online classes from July 2020: Breakfast in Venice, Cooking Venetian for Beginners, Venetian Pastry Classes, and more!

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