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“La Venessiana has created an exceptional Venetian experience. Her new Venice Heritage Course is filled with intimate knowledge about the culture, language & identity of Venice. It is a brilliant solution that is both sustainable and life enriching.”

JoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura PublicationsJoAnn Locktov | Dream of Venice / Bella Figura Publications

“Thank you for your truly beautiful work! It’s not just that this recent post has got me curious about the preparation of fried elderflowers, so many of your posts over the past year have inspired me to explore more of the history, cuisine and agriculture of Venice. OG Venice truly appreciates your writing!!”

Marjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel GuideMarjorie Sterne | OG Venice Italy Travel Guide

“Your work is wonderful and a reminder of just how beautiful and truly special Venice is. It makes me long to return. Thank you for the history lesson. I’d no idea that Carnival’s roots went back so far, although I did know about fritole.”

Cho John | From the Bartolini KitchensCho John | From the Bartolini Kitchens

In 2018/19, we support the following social and environmental initiatives in Venice and the Lagoon (scroll)

Avapo Venezia
Lipu Venezia

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Coming soon! Bluberries, Figs and Salicornia: Culinary Online Retreat in Venic

Feel the summer in Venice! Our next online class, set in a secret garden in Venice, will be available on 15 June 2019.

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