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Get to know the city REALLY WELL - from the Venetian perspective. And learn how to eat healthy, Venetian style, with delicious recipes and ingredients passed on by Marco Polo.

For more than 1500 years, Venice was a merchant hub, where spices arrived from the Levant and spice mixtures were created and sold all over Europe: The art of using herbs and spices to create wellness + beauty products, natural remedies and delicious food was developed in Venice! These were the beauty and health products apothecaries and spice masters used in Europe before the advent of the chemical food, beauty and pharmaceutical industry. 

In our online classes, we share the ORIGINAL Venetian recipes and everything you  need to know to take care of yourself in a natural way. Learn how to use herbs and spices to reach immediate well-being and long-term health. And explore Venice along the way!

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venice seen through the eyes of haute cuisine and creativity

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Christmas in Venice: Imagine you could be in Venice during the calm months of the year

Take some time off during the holidays and learn more about Venice. Or, use it as travel guide if you are there!

Give a very special gift to yourself with our NEW Venetian Christmas Bakery e-book and video guide. Take in the scents of December, see the Christmas lights and learn to make cookies, Venetian style!

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Approximately 55,000 Venetians live in the historic center. Their numbers are down from 150,000 two centuries ago but this core of residents holds a deep love for their home, not least the writer, slow food expert and Venetian Iris Loredan. Iris and her grandmother are passionate to show people that there's much, much more to Venice than just St Mark's, beautiful though it is. So they write about the hidden, private side of Venice. From courtyard gardens to secet orchards, medicinal botany to vegetable patches. Most lie behind anonymus, vertiginous, red brick walls, totally unknown to passers-by or their guidebooks, and astonishingly gardens cover almost half the surface area of the city. Often the only clue you'll have to being near a secret sanctuary is a waft of heavy vanilla, Jasmine or lemon balm as you pass by. And most of the time you're probably no more than just a few feet away from an old vineyard, an ageing convent garden or, as Iris puts it, the second Venice, known only to residents. If you're lucky she'll take you there through her writing or in person. And if we're lucky Venice, her history and her gardens will survive in the safe hands of Venetians like Iris and her grandmother Lina.

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Online from 22 December: VENETIAN MOMENTS

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One year with Venice: Venice as part of daily life. Learn about Venice at your own pace. New lesson will be online every Tuesday + a community for you to discuss all things Venetian! Lots of recipes and tips for your stay!