Sign-Up Help and FAQs

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  • How do I sign up for a course, and when do I get access to my online class?

    Signing up for our courses takes less than 3 minutes, and works in TWO STEPS. STEP ONE: CREATE YOUR USER ACCOUNT + PASSWORD: Click on "PURCHASE COURSE". This click will take you to a page in which you set up your user account by filling in your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. You also need to choose your own PASSWORD. This is followed by STEP TWO = CHECKOUT: After you have created your account, you are taken automatically to the checkout / payment page. Insert your payment information. After payment has been cleared, you are taken AUTOMATICALLY and IMMEDIATELY to your course welcome page. You're in!!

  • Which payment options can I use?

    You can pay with Paypal or your favorite credit card.

  • When do I get access to the course, and for how long?

    You can access your course immediately, that is you are automatically taken to the Welcome Page of your course after payment has gone through. You can start your course immediately, or choose an appropriate time and come back later. You can also take a break, as your course material will be here, waiting for you, to be worked through on your own time. NEW FROM 1 MAY 2020: YOU GET LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL ONLINE CLASSES!

  • I interrupted the sign-up process after creating an account. How do I continue to get access the course?

    You completed STEP ONE of the sign-up process, that is, you created your own ACCOUNT + PASSWORD. Now, to continue, please sign in to your account, click on the course you would like to purchase. You are now taken to CHECKOUT. Please enter your payment information. Immediately after payment has gone through, you will be taken immediately to the Course Welcome Page and can start learning!

  • Will there be a Welcome Mail, helping me get started with my course?

    Yes, from May 2020, you will also receive a personalized Welcome Email, in addition to two more emails, confirming your account creation and payment (receipt).

  • Will you be available for support, and how can I reach you?

    Yes, we are available and would love to support you! You can reach us via, and I will get back to you asap, usually within 1-2 hours during business hours (7 days a week - 10:00 am - 20:00 pm), and often immediately! Please note our time zone (UTC+1).

  • I'm having difficulty signing up for the course. Can you help me?

    In case you are experiencing difficulties signing up, there's a possibility for us to enroll you manually. So if all sign-up attempts are not working, please send me an email at, so we can work this out for you.

  • Once I'm inside the course, will I get support?

    Of course! And from 2020, we will also actively coach you by adding more learning materials to your course several times a year. We will also send several course mails per year, in case you signed up for the Venetia Venice Heritage Course, to give you all the news and information on updated learning materials and recipes.

  • Which software do your online classes run on, and how safe are they?

    Our online classes run on the Thinkific software, a specialized learning plattform provider based in Vancouver, BC. Thinkific is an experienced state-of-the-art company in digital learning management and also manages payment processing. Your passwords are safe, and payment information is never stored but you are referred directly to your payment processing company by Thinkific.

Support and FAQs for Enrolled Students

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  • How long do I get access to my online classes?

    Since 1 May 2020, you receive life-time access to all courses you signed up to. All courses include colorful downloads, ebooks, videos and other interactive learning materials like worksheets, checklists, Venice guides or workbooks. In addition, you receive all future updates to the courses you signed up for, at no extra cost.

  • Are these online courses suitable for my interests and needs?

    Our online courses are designed for all those interested in Venice, foodies, and practically everyone who loves Mediterranean food, lifestyle, and history. As we are now enlarging our offer in spring 2020, we will be adding more health and lifestyle tips, and spice recipes to existing classes as well. We would like to create a virtual Venice experience for you, now that international travel is restricted or not possible at all. The VENETIA - VENETIAN HERITAGE AND CULTURE online class provides you with the basic know-how to fully benefit from our upcoming seasonal online cooking classes. It is designed for you to get a holistic impression of Venice and includes background stories about recipes! We use a multi-disciplinary approach to tell the unknown stories of Venice, followed by in-depth know-how on food culture, self-sufficient agriculture in the Lagoon, Lagoon stewardship, design, arts, artisans and architecture. Our online courses have been designed carefully, in fact, they have been in the making since 2014 and are updated at least 2-3 times per year, to ensure you receive the best and up-to-date learning materials. Our culinary online classes are designed as virtual retreats in Venice for food lovers. As backdrop to the classes, we invite you to discover our neighborhood in Venice, the sestiere Castello. You can work through our culinary classes during 3-7 days, as they come with recipes and menus for you to try immediately, or at your own pace.

  • I live in Venice. Does it make sense to enroll? And why don't you host the courses in Italian?

    It does! Even in Venice, we have forgotten so much about our own heritage, let alone historical recipes. We share documents we have carefully collected and researched at the State Archive, and in other public and private libraries in Venice. In fact, grandmother Lina started doing research on the material we use, back in 1945 at the library of the former monastery San Zaccaria, at San Lazzaro degli Armeni and San Francesco della Vigna. Thus, even if you live in Venice, there's something very special to discover, promised!

  • Can I give a course as gift?

    Yes, you can also give our online classes as a gift to the foodies and Venetophiles in your life! Please get in touch with us at and we will get back to you immediately. Please forward us the name and email address of the person receiving the online class, and we will mail you a payment link (payment via Paypal and credit card). As soon as payment is through, you can notify your friend of the gift and we will enroll them in the class and send access information, so they can start learning and enjoying Venice and her recipes immediately.

  • When do the online classes start? And will you be available if I have questions?

    Our courses and retreats are completely self-paced, so you can enroll and get started any time. You can also take a break and return later. In fact, your course materials will be here, waiting for you :-) If you have questions during your course, we are available, and you will be able to reach us directly via a private email address! From May 2020, all students have access to a private Group so you can ask questions and we will also answer them there!

  • I've never been to Venice. Does it make sense to enroll?

    Absolutely! We would be delighted to introduce you to our city and her food! Venetian food is like a special Mediterranean diet with many health benefits and unexpected flavors, so everyone is so welcome to taste and learn more about it!

  • How long does it take for me to complete the courses? Which learning materials do you offer?

    Our Venice Heritage Course takes about 7-8 hours to complete. If you wish to dive into the materials we have included for you to go through, it will take longer :-) Our culinary classes take about 3-4 hours to work through, because we want you to get cooking and eating Venetian food as soon as possible!

  • Are the courses easy to navigate, and how do I go about?

    Our online classes are very easy to navigate: You can go back and forth any time, jump between courses, download your learning materials, and watch videos.

  • What is your educational background? Who are the teachers of your online classes?

    Lina and Iris teach the online courses. LINA TERESA LOREDAN founded three restaurants and hotels in Venice since 1945. She grew up in the northern Lagoon during WW2, but returned to the family home after the end of the war. She is a proud member of Cavalieri di San Marco, a private association of the former noble families of Venice. IRIS is Lina's grand-daughter, and wrote her thesis on Ecology and Urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice. For more than 10 years, Iris has been head of CSR / Sustainability and Head of Health@Work of a large international banking group. She is also an expert in Venetian culinary history, aromatherapy and phytotherapy and studied at the Universities of Venice and Vienna.

What's New in 2023?

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  • News #1: You receive life time access to all online classes

    As student, you will have noticed that we are continuosly updating our online classes to make sure you receive the latest information and learning materials. From 01 May 2020, students receive lifetime access to their classes, and all future updates.

  • News #2: Online Group for you to keep in touch, connect with each other and ask questions

    When you enroll in one of our classes, from 10 May 2020, there will also be a link available to access a private Group (hosted on this learning plattform, interactive and very similar to Facebook Groups). We can't wait to share with you our latest updates and recipes, and we are here to discuss and answer your questions! You also have the opportunity to connect with other students!

  • News #3: New courses coming soon: Online Cooking Classes

    In spring 2020, we will start adding the culinary online classes to this site. We start with basic classes on Venetian and Mediterranean cooking, festive menus, Breakfast in Venice, Venetian pastry classes, and many more!

We will be adding more online experiences and virtual visits to the Lagoon in 2023: Breakfast in Venice, Cooking Venetian for Beginners, Venetian Pastry Classes, and more!

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