Reviews and Comments

Wondering what our students say about us? Here are their experiences and thoughts! Grazie di cuore for your kind mentions and comments, and for your interest in Venetian food and culture!

My wife and I spent a week in Venice in mid-September for our 20th wedding anniversary. As a photographer and an inveterate explorer I just wish I had known of your very informative website before we went. NIC SKERTEN
I’m a Geographer, I’m passionate about maps, rivers, mountains. For me the Venetian Lagoon is a huge, magical environment, inspiration to Hemingway. A delicate ecological balance between ocean and river, between human intervention and natural processes. Without the lagoon Venice could not have become the supreme maritime nation of the Eastern Mediterranean. An independent republic for 1000 years. Amazing and brilliant work of presenting this incredible city – many, many thanks! JANET SIMMONDS
Marvelous city! Those colors you show us are so gorgeous, muted yet so striking at the same time. And the squash lasagna!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Lovely, lovely recipe, Iris! VANESSA - FOOD IN BOOKS
Discovered your website today and just want to say how well written, informative and delightful it is. Have spent hours reading your every word. Have noted down your wonderful recommendations, the restaurants, bars, bakeries, specialities, etc. And plan to try them all. Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Lina sounds marvellous, by the way... JANET CLOKE
I cannot wait to try your squash soup recipe!!! it sounds delicious, especially the spices you use!!! TIFFANY N. PETERS
This has given me even more inspiration for my trip to Venezia! Wonderful article and I love the helpful hints about what groceries to buy, where to shop and what to cook. Wonderful post, Iris. VANESSA BAKA - FOOD IN BOOKS
There is so much you tell us that I had never known. The story of Venice is fascinating and so much more complex than I had once thought. It's like looking at someone with new eyes. KRIS BEAN
This was a great lesson. I had no idea Amalfi was a small nation state and best friend of Venice! Thank you for sharing the great photos too. MIDGE GUERRERA
As usual, you bring Venice alive for my senses, even from seas away. I can almost imagine how delicious Risi e Bisi must be with the freshest of produce! ARUNDHATI BASU
You describe perfectly not just the unique culinary traditions of Venezia, but you also talk about the connections between good-quality food and health, as well as beauty. Now I am craving risi e bisi! VANESSA BAKA
For me, La Venessiana has always stood out from other websites because of its very personal insights and real beauty – it is so beautiful! - reflecting the personality of your incomparable city. It is a tribute to you that you began it, created it, and now with Lina, offer the Venice Heritage Course. It is filled with information I never knew, and is a joy for me. JANET RANT
Thank you for your truly beautiful work! It’s not just that this recent recipe has got me curious about the preparation of fried elderflowers, so many have inspired me to explore more of the history, cuisine and agriculture of Venice. OG Venice truly appreciates your work! MARJORIE STERNE - OG VENICE TRAVEL GUIDE
Thank you!! I was an intern at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in 2017, and I miss Venice terribly. Your site is a wonderful way to travel back. Really enjoyed your books!! KATHERINE YUNG
Venice is a spectacular place. Most beautiful city in the world! Love your site!! Next life I am coming back as a Venetian! JOAN HARRISON
I love your recipes! The herbs used to match the seasons makes such good sense. So delicious! MIDGE GUERRERA
I have followed you for some time now, I enjoy your work and do so agree that Venice has much more to offer than the main attractions. Now we are here for the whole of October and every day we discover hidden gems. Thank you so much for sharing your city, I look forward to discovering your next online classes! JACKIE JENNINGS
I want to live in your Venice! You describe the city in such rich and loving detail. Such wonderful information about a Venice we usually don’t see! Thank you for lending me your eyes and your knowledge. KATHLEEN GONZALEZ, SEDUCTIVE VENICE
“We can do it if we try!” Is a Positive Attitude to have. Thanks for this enlightening bit of history, the true story of Venice and Dalmatia, and La Festa della Sensa, it gives more meaning to the City that I love. Mille grazie! ROBERT LEVRINI
Thank you for educating me on your fascinating history. Goes to prove that trade links must be nutured & maintained. Your beautiful city is an example to us all! MIKE RAINES
Your work is so lovely, Iris! First of all, wisteria gets me with its name just like willows. Secondly, I love the way the Venetians use spring blossoms in every way possible before they wither away and thirdly, the painting that inspired you to start La Venessiana is exquisite! ARUNDHATI BASU
I totally agree with your tips for first-time visitors to Venice. I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Venice in March 2014. As you suggest, I did my research months in advance. And, I had a thousand and one other magical moments. Your website has re-excited those senses! Grazie mille! ROBERT HYACINTH