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Lina Teresa

Member of the Cavalieri di San Marco Association. Hotelier, Chef and Teacher. Co-Founder of La Venessiana - Venice Atelier.

Lina has 74 years (!) of experience in the hospitality sector in Venice, as hotelier and owner of three restaurants. She's a founding member of the Cavalieri di San Marco Association, consisting of former noble families of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, and of external guests. She is 96 years old, and deeply interested in Venetian culture, history, garden and culinary heritage. Lina is the guardian of the former library at the monastery San Zaccaria in Venice, and has curated the monastery's rambling terraced and courtyard gardens since 1968. For our website and online courses, Lina provides inspiration, memories of the past, wisdom for the future, family stories, and books from the library telling the forgotten stories of Venice.

Iris Loredana

Expert in Venetian history, garden and culinary culture, sustainability and corporate finance. Co-Founder of La Venessiana - Venice Atelier.

Iris is Lina's granddaughter and graduated in corporate finance, sustainability, economic history, sociology, and languages / intercultural communication. She wrote her theses on "Ecology and Urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice", and "Controlling, Business Trends and Crisis Management". Iris has been head of International Desks and corporate sustainability at an international banking group for 15 years. Together with Lina, she started La Venessiana - The Fragrant World of Venice Atelier in 2015, dedicated to creating resources for responsible tourists, and supporting social businesses and environmental initiatives in Venice and the Lagoon.

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