Identity. Culture. Language. Art. Design. Urban Gardening. Spices. History. Politics. Diplomacy. Business.Innovation. The forgotten pillars of Venice.

The real identity of Venice is never told in travel books. In our signature online class, you receive the keys to exploring Venice from the Venetian perspective, in a caring and responsible way.

Be prepared, you are in for a mindshifting and astonishing journey, recreating the historical Venice (and her food!) as missing link on the map. 

The pillars of Venetian heritage, told in 38 lessons and stories.

Spend an exciting weekend with Venice. Now also available as Christmas gift.

Put in a nutshell: This city, which drew 35 million tourists in 2017, is  very little known. People admire her architecture, which seems so out of place in a Lagoon. Now, would you like to dig deeper?

The story of Venice is more than that of a city in a Lagoon. Only few visitors know that Venetia was the longest-lived state in history. With it comes a rich, but forgotten culture, from which eight secret strenghts derive. These strenghts would come in very useful in our times, and not just in Venice. 

What's Included?

Self-paced course consisting of 38 lessons grouped into 4 modules.

  • 16 Video Links

  • 6 Ebooks (pdf)

  • 1 Travel Planner

  • 7 Bonuses

  • 1 Mini Venet Course

  • 2 Checklists

  • 40 Book Links

  • 38 Lessons

  • 1 Welcome Kit

Course Curriculum

4 Modules + Roadmap + Library.

  • 1
    • A Little Gift for You!
    • Getting the Most from this Class
    • The Venetian Compass: Eight Components of Venetian Heritage
    • Building A Framework: Venice Wish List and Cooptition
    • Modern Views of Venice: Trends, Ideas, Tourism
    • Ancient Views of Venice: Mars, Venus, and a Special Birthday
    • Venice Seen Through the Eyes of Children: Marco Polo's Stone
    • Friends from Egypt: Cats in Venice and the Lagoon
    • Monthly Dossier - November 2018: Acqua Alta and Acqua Granda in Venice
  • 2
    • Splendid Venice: Morning Portrait + Video
    • VENESSIA, VENETIA, Βενέτσια: Maps, Roles and Heritage
    • Home to Venetian Heritage: Archivio di Stato + Video
    • Venice, the Diplomat and Mediator
    • Venice, the Pioneer and Financier
    • Why Did the Republic of Venice Cease To Exist?
    • Salvatore Settis: Crisis and Perspectives for Venice
    • BONUS: Introducing Venessián, the Ancient Language of Venice
    • BONUS: Venessián for Beginners (Short Language Course)
    • Historical Recipe: Enjoying Coffee, Ancient Venetian Style
    • Historical Recipe: Cardamom Velvet Cake: Torta Scaccia-Caigo
  • 3
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 1: Seven Seas and Venice Myths
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 2: Lina's Guide to Venice
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 3: Environmental Guide to the Lagoon
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 4: Our Botanical Heritage
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 5: Venetian Culinary Heritage
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 6: Spice Alchemy and Spice Routes
    • Slow Venice Guide, Part 7: Practical Tips and Online Guides
    • BONUS: When to Expect and How to Deal with Acqua Alta
  • 4
    • Books for Slow Travelers: The Three Tenets of Life in the Lagoon
    • Books for Slow Travelers: The Venetian Selection
    • Venetian Voices: Poveglia and The Lion
    • A Lonely Candle In The Doge's Palace
    • Supporting Venice: Ten Easy Ways for Residents and Visitors
    • BONUS: The Historical Book Stores of Venice
    • BONUS: Responsible Hosts and Pioneer Hotels in Venice
    • GIFT: Festa della Salute: The Venice Heritage Menu
    • What's Next: Self-Sufficient Lagoon and Urban Gardening

Bonuses and gifts

All our online courses come with bonus material and little surprise gifts, to make sure your virtual time-out in Venice is colorful, practical and useful. Here's the bonus package we have prepared for you in this online class.

  • Venice Travel Diary (Printable)

    EUR 24 value

    Print out this travel planner and checklist, and follow seven easy steps to design your stay in Venice. Use it as a colorful and personal travel diary during your stay in Venice :-)

  • Responsible Hosts in Venice (Guide)

    EUR 14 value

    Living in Venice responsibly not only extends to visitors, but in particular, to the hosts. Here's a short guide to Venetian owned hotels, offering fairly priced and special, high-quality experiences to guests.

  • Welcome to Venice Kit 2019 (E-Books + Guide)

    EUR 26 value

    Practical tips for your trip to Venice in 2019. Food, shopping and travel guide for responsible visitors. A short course collection of texts, videos, and ebooks.

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Giving Back

30 per cents of proceeds from this course go to DINGO, a Venetian association taking care of homeless cats in Venice and the Lagoon


  • I'm interested in your culinary online classes. So, why should I enrol in this heritage course?

    This course is the basis for ALL our upcoming online cooking classes, because it explains the culinary heritage of Venice IN CONTEXT. As we will be constantly referring to historical facts in the cooking classes, you will be missing basic know-how and the complete picture. This is also why we published this course BEFORE offering the culinary classes.

  • How do I sign up, and when do I get access to the course?

    You receive access to the course(s) in two steps: (1) Sign up and create your account and password. (2) You are now automatically taken to the checkout page. (3) After payment has been accepted, you are taken immediately to the course page and can start your class!