Understanding and exploring Venice in the 21st century

This online class leads you through Venetian identity, culture, language, and heritage. Start an ashtonishing journey, in which you will retrace the eight components of forgotten Venetian heritage. It is basic know-how for all of you who want to get to know the authentic Venice, told by a Venetian team.

When you go for a walk around Piazza San Marco at night, you can notice the faint light illuminating a second-floor window of the Doge’s Palace. Two candles have been lit here every night, to this day, since the year 1570, to remember the one judicial mistake the Venetian Government made in 1400 years. This is just one story, part of the 38 puzzle stones that make up the true, authentic, forgotten Venice.

You are about to discover the forgotten story of our city, on a mindshifting and astonishing journey, a virtual visit to La Serenissima (and her food!).

When you have finished this online class, you will relate to Venice as VENETIA, capital of a flourishing trading empire, exotic foods and luxury goods. Venice, the premier diplomat nation in Europe, building bridges and fostering innovation. Aren’t these exactly the qualities we need to hone in our times?

La Serenissima ceased to exist in 1797, but know-how on her rich cultural and culinary heritage are key to the survival and meaningful future of the Venice we live in today. In our signature online class VENETIA - VENICE HERITAGE,  we tell about LA SERENISSIMA like she has never been mentioned in guide books.

What will you receive?

This is a self-paced course, which you can start at any time. You receive eight keys to engaging in supporting Venice, plus lifetime access, and all updates, materials, and more resources, surprises and gifts! We also add a text for in-depth study each month, which explains current topics and questions.

  • 16 Video Links

  • 3 Ebooks (pdf)

  • 1 Travel Planner

  • 5 Bonuses

  • 2 Gifts

  • 2 Checklists

  • 18 Book Links

  • 32 Lessons

  • 1 Library

Bonus 1: Letter from the Past

Who could explain Venice better than Doge Leonardo Loredan? His wise words on the long-term role and meaningful future of Venice, written in the year 1505, pick up forgotten notions of Venetian heritage and missing links in European culture and on the map.

Bonus 2: Lina Teresa Loredan's personal Venice Guide

Grandmother Lina explains her Venice exclusively for the VENETIA - VENICE HERITAGE online class. Get to know the Venice of our grandmother in her own words, "in seven steps".

Bonus 3: The little Historical Venetian Gourmet Book

A special culinary guide prepared especially for the students of this online class. Discover the Ten Tenets of historical Venetian cuisine, and a menu of the 14th century.

Venetia, an exclusive, green, behind-the-scenes, history and lifestyle experience. Lovingly organized by your hosts, a Venetian family whose roots go back to the year 915 AD.

Immerse yourself into the story of Venice.


Meet your instructors

  • Lina  Teresa

    Lina Teresa

    Member of the Cavalieri di San Marco Association. Hotelier, Chef and Teacher. Co-Founder of La Venessiana - Venice Atelier.

    Lina has 74 years (!) of experience in the hospitality sector in Venice, as hotelier and owner of three restaurants. She's a founding member of the Cavalieri di San Marco Association, consisting of former noble families of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, and of external guests. She is 96 years old, and deeply interested in Venetian culture, history, garden and culinary heritage. Lina is the guardian of the former library at the monastery San Zaccaria in Venice, and has curated the monastery's rambling terraced and courtyard gardens since 1968. For our website and online courses, Lina provides inspiration, memories of the past, wisdom for the future, family stories, and books from the library telling the forgotten stories of Venice.
  • Iris   Loredana

    Iris Loredana

    Expert in Venetian history, garden and culinary culture, sustainability and corporate finance. Co-Founder of La Venessiana - Venice Atelier.

    Iris is Lina's granddaughter and graduated in corporate finance, sustainability, economic history, sociology, and languages / intercultural communication. She wrote her theses on "Ecology and Urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice", and "Controlling, Business Trends and Crisis Management". Iris has been head of International Desks and corporate sustainability at an international banking group for 15 years. Together with Lina, she started La Venessiana - The Fragrant World of Venice Atelier in 2015, dedicated to creating resources for responsible tourists, and supporting social businesses and environmental initiatives in Venice and the Lagoon.

Detailed Curriculum

Roadmap + 8 Modules + Venice Guide + Bonuses + Monthly Updates.

  • 1
    Getting Started and In-Course Bulletin
    • Welcome from Iris and Lina
    • How to benefit most from this class
    • Venice Workbook and Roadmap
    • Getting started: Your Venetian coffee break + recipe
    • Thoughtful Venice Survey
    • In-Course Bulletin and monthly topics
  • 2
    The Basics: Introducing Venice
    • Venice and Greece: La Festa di San Marco and a walk around the oldest part of Venice
    • Tra sogno e incubo. Dream or nightmare - Venice told by the Venetians
    • Venice celebrates a special birthday in 2021!
    • Best practice: How Venetians build a framework for the future
    • The Invisible City: 20 facts you didn't know about Venice
    • Real life: How we tackle tourism in Venice
    • Real life: A summer feast in Venice and favorite TV series
    • Real life: Animals in Venice and the Lagoon
  • 3
    The Culture of Venice and Its Eight Components
    • Personal portrait of La Serenissima
    • Virtual visit to the Venetian State Archive
    • The Republic of Venice: History and geography
    • The Open City: Explaining diplomacy, Venetian style
    • The true story of the Rialto Market and the Merchants of Venice
    • Why did the Republic of Venice fail, and what happened afterwards
    • If Venice Dies: Modern cities and Venice
    • Venessián (Venet), the language of Venice
  • 4
    The Future: Rediscovering Venice
    • "Life in the Seven Seas" model and unearthing the secrets of the Torcello archipelago
    • How Venice tackled climate change in the 17th century & useful lessons for our times
    • Botanical heritage, spice gardens and herbal sanctuaries in Venice
    • The true story of Venetian culinary heritage
    • Spice alchemy, aromatherapy and public health concepts developed in Venice
    • How books tell Venetian heritage
    • Venice Books / 2: Our Heritage Library
    • Venice Heritage Video Library
  • 5
    Bonuses and Venice Guides
    • Where can I find the real Venice? Lina's Personal Venice Guide
    • Plan your trip to Venice: Booking Help, Virtual Venice Tours, Travel Planner
    • Monthly Venice Event Calendar
    • Letter from the past: Doge Leonardo Loredan's guide to Venetia
    • Historical recipe: Spice cake of the past (12th century)
    • Historical Recipe: Venetian coffee (14th century)
    • Wrapping up: How you can help Venice (no money involved)

This Course Supports Social Initiatives in Venice

A portion of proceeds from this course go to Dingo, an association taking care of homeless cats in Venice. Did you know that Venetian cats originally come from Egypt? In the Middle Ages, the Merchants of Venice brought them to the Greek islands, and from there, to Venice.