Festa della Salute - Thanksgiving in Venice

Our Venetian Thanksgiving: All about the best-loved feast in Venice, celebrated on 21 November.

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Thanksgiving and autumn in Venice 

Discover autumn vibes, autumn comfort food, and all about the best-loved feast in Venice, celebrated on 21 November. Soul food recipes, traditional menus, market walk, cooking for the feast and the unknown facets of its historical background.

This is the true story of a QUIET DAY ILLUMINATED BY HUNDREDS OF LONG WHITE CANDLES. Everyone in Venice loosk forward to November 21, when this quiet feast is celebrated in the Basilica della Salute overlooking the Grand Canal. Venetians have been celebrating since 1631, when another pandemic had just abated.

Venice, 21 November

On 21 November, a Votive Bridge spans the Grand Canal, as Venetians celebrate their most loved and in a way, most important feast of the year: LA FESTA DELLA MADONNA DELLA SALUTE. 

It's a special Thanksgiving feast in the Lagoon, as we celebrate la salute (health) and how the city overcame one of its three testing episodes in history. 


What's inside: You start with virtual autumn walk around Venice, and the discover the two weeks before and after Thanksgiving.

Venetian cuisine is a skillful combination of flavors and tradition from Europe, the Mediterranean, Levant, and Asia. ~ Bistrot de Venise

Part One.  Squash and other culinary treats, the Seven Islands, Lagoon vineyards, and autumn gardens

The Bohemian gardens of Venice with a view of the Alps. How fall gardens inspired Titian and Tintoretto and their favorite gardens. A virtual tour of San Francesco della Vigna and the Seven Islands. Prosecco, squash and the Lagoon islands in autumn.

Part Two. The history - A special Thanksgiving Feast

What REALLY happened in 1630/31, and how Venice mastered the crisis. How patients were treated and the original recipes of 1630, by Alvise Zen, a physician who assisted the patients on the island Lazzaretto Vecchio. You will want to know more about these recipes, they work wonders in humid winter weather. And then, it's time to prepare for the feast. Join us virtually and see the market, the menu and the recipes!

Part Three: How we spend La Festa della Salute in Venice.

About the Basilica, the votive bridge, white candles (ceri), trabacolo boats, dosa calda, torta greca, Fiera della Salute (culinary fair), and a walk towards the Piazza via Academica Bridge. Sweet treats and snack tips along the way!

Part Four: Thanksgiving Lunch and Dinner 

Traditional Venetian thanksgiving menu + all the recipes for you. Where and what to eat for lunch and dinner in Venice, including gluten free menus.

Course curriculum

    1. Message from Iris + Lina

    2. Thanksgiving Week in Venice

    1. Five secrets about gardens in Venice you should know before visiting

    2. Virtual Walk 1: The Bohemian gardens of Venice

    3. Virtual walk 2: The Seven Islands and a visit to San Francesco della Vigna

    4. Virtual walk 3: Il Prosecco di Sant'Erasmo

    5. Virtual walk 4: Wine country in the Lagoon: Mazzorbo, Santa Cristina, Ammiana, Le Vignole

    1. Download the book - Edition 2020

    2. The video guides: Thanksgiving in Venice

    3. Updates for 21 November 2021

    1. La Mezzastagione: October treats from a Venetian kitchen

    2. Ognissanti - All Saints day in Venice + Menu

    3. Celebrating San Martino in the Lagoon: Oca in onto

    4. Dosa calda: A warming winter drink from the Lagoon

    5. Our Thanksgiving Menu

    6. Making pumpkin soup, Venetian style

    1. Bonus: Access the Venice Community

    2. Resource list: Thanksgiving and Autumn in Venice

    3. The real retreat ..

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  • €26,00
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Festa della Salute - Thanksgiving in Venice

The Venetian Thanksgiving: All about the best-loved feast in Venice, celebrated on 21 November.

  • €26,00

    All about autumn and Thanksgiving, Venetian style.

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