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This is our Venetian Thanksgiving

On 21 November, a Votive Bridge spans the Grand Canal, as Venetians celebrate their most loved and IMPORTANT feast of the year: LA FESTA DELLA MADONNA DELLA SALUTE.

A special Thanksgiving, as we celebrate la salute (health) and how the city survived her most serious crisis in history: In July 1630, Venice was hit by the bubonic plague, more than 46,000 people died within 15 months. 


This e-book is the most beautiful souvenir of my recent stay in Venice! It's informative and filled with delicious restaurant tips, delightful images and stories I never knew and haven't seen anywhere else. There are even all the ORIGINAL recipes! Your book has been the most perfect companion and will help me recall this beautiful day in Venice forever! Thank you La Venessiana for creating and sharing it!

Susan H., Vienna

We dedicate this e-book to our friends who love to visit Venice in November. 

Should you be in Venice on that day, we share our personal tips for you to explore the city and visit the Basilica. If you can't be there, enjoy the book, it has large images and more than 20 ORIGINAL recipes!

E-Book + 2 Bonuses: Video Guide + Recipes

95-page e-book taking you around Venice the week before and on Thanksgiving Day, tasting all the traditional specialties.

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Festa della Salute - Thanksgiving in Venice

The first e-book unveiling the historical feast, recipes and tips to celebrate Thanksgiving, Venetian style.

In your book

Part One: The history. When five spices saved Venice.

What REALLY happened in 1630/31, and how Venice mastered the crisis. How patients were treated and the original recipes of 1630, by Alvise Zen, a physician who assisted the patients on the island Lazzaretto Vecchio. You will want to have these ecipes too, they work wonders in case you catch cold or the flu. And then, it's time to prepare for the feast. Join us and see the market, and see all the cakes we bake for that special day (+ recipes!).

Part Two: 21 November: Visit to the Basilica and Fiera della Salute

Our visit to the Basilica, the votive bridge, the white candles (ceri), the trabacolo boats, dosa calda, torta greca, Fiera della Salute (Culinary fair), and a walk towards the Piazza via Academica Bridge. Sweet treats and snack tips along the way!

Part Three: 21 November: Thanksgiving Lunch and Dinner

Traditional Venetian thanksgiving menu + all the recipes for you. Where and what to eat for lunch and dinner in Venice, including gluten free menus.

more gifts for our readers

includes regular updates + video guides for 21 November 2019.

  • photo walk

    Full-page images take you straight to Venice, sharing our itinerary across the Votive Bridge, to the Basilica and back home.

  • le spezie della vita

    For the first time ever, you can taste the original recipes of 1630 and the spice mix that saved Venice, by doctor Alvise Zen (Venice, 1630-31).

  • easy recipes

    Original recipes of 1630, from castradina to riso in cavroman, caramelized apples, and many more. Easy versions, so everyone can cook Venetian on 21 November!

Festa della Salute - Thanksgiving in Venice

The first e-book unveiling the historical feast, recipes and tips to celebrate Thanksgiving, Venetian style.