Historical Venetian cuisine

Introducing the first fusion kitchen of the world, and how you can benefit from it

Venetian culinary culture aims to fulfill just one, but very challenging purpose: Delicious food = natural medicine = natural beauty product. In the first class of our series La Dispensa Venexiana - The Venetian Pantry, we explain how you can benefit from historical recipes, and improve health and well-being in the long run. These are dishes consisting of natural ingredients, eaten in Venice and the Lagoon for more than 1,600 years. In addition to exploring the recipes, we will take you on a fascinating journey of exploring the Lagoon in spring!

Venice in spring & historical spice recipes

The most brilliant season of the year. And it shows in the food.

And it tastes in the food! So why not treat yourself and spend a virtual weekend in Venice during spring? Our first online culinary class, dedicated to showing the gardens and lush nature of the Lagoon Venice in spring, also takes you on a unique culinary voyage of discovery.
Venice in spring & historical spice recipes

The Lagoon in spring & refreshing recipes

Lush green, home to forgotten herbs and blossoms

Only two generations ago, our grandparents knew how to benefit fully from the treasures growing in the Lagoon. Leafing through grandmother's recipe journals, we discovered so many recipes using spring plants and blossoms. These are recipes so similar to the historical ones, in which food equals medicine equals beauty, inside and outside.
The Lagoon in spring & refreshing recipes

Imagine you could..

see and taste Venice in spring. Learn more about ancestral food, delicious, light and cleansing. Call it gourmet detox food.

  • Spend a spring weekend exploring Venice on your own time. Explore the flora of the Lagoon, and its edible herbs and their benefits.

  • Enjoy simple and natural dishes enriched with herbs and spices in the right amount and right combinations to mitigate chronic health issues.

  • Learn Venetian cooking secrets and improve skin and wellbeing, and seaonal issues, such as allergies

  • Get to know the six basic flavors and colors of which nourishing food consists.

Join us in our kitchen!

In this virtual retreat, you are our personal guest

And we can't wait to show you around Lina's garden, terrace, and kitchen garden in Venice, just five minutes from Piazza San Marco. Lina also shares the recipes of her childhood. She opens her pantry and shares a very special recipe, considered a panacea for any health issues arising in the in-between seasons, spring and autumn. What' more, her recipes and drinks taste delicious, and it will feel like spring in Venice on your plate.

Explore Venice off the beaten path and the secret Lagoon

In this course: Laguna Nord + le Barene

Starting out in the northern Lagoon, we explore Lagoon vegetable gardens and sandbanks overgrown with sea lavender and edible herbs.
Explore Venice off the beaten path and the secret Lagoon

Discover the forgotten framework of Venetian historical cuisine

In this class: The Flavors Framework

For almost 1,200 years, Venetian food was famous all over Europe. The merchants of Venice sold exclusive spice mixtures in Europe, alongside recipe booklets. In our culinary classes, we share the recipes contained in these books, translated into English for the first time. We also share the principles of ancestral food, and you will get to know the edible herbs of the Lagoon.
Discover the forgotten framework of Venetian historical cuisine

Delicious recipes for you to cook

In this class: Spring detox recipes from the Lagoon

Culinary framework of this class: Exploring the Venetian beauty kitchen.
Delicious recipes for you to cook

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started: What is Venetian culinary culture?
    • This is Venice in spring
    • Spice elixirs and forgotten recipes
    • Welcome from Iris and Lina
    • Eating healthy, Venetian style
    • Our take on food and cooking
    • Class Curriculum
    • How to benefit from Venetian culinary heritage in three steps
    • Shopping list + class workbook
  • 2
    Day #1: Clean eating with Lagoon herbs
    • The Lagoon of Venice (video)
    • How agriculture works in the Lagoon
    • The Venetian spring pantry
    • Papa Luciani's Venetian Flavor Square
    • Spring detox: The agreste flavor at work
    • Recipes for Day One
  • 3
    Day #2: Alleviating migraines and spring fatigue
    • Introducing ancestral Lagoon food (video)
    • Ancestral food on your plate
    • Spring herbs from the Lagoon
    • How we tackle spring fatigue
    • Recipes: Green spring risotto and blossom tea
    • How to balance your diet and reduce acidity
  • 4
    Day #3: Strengthening your immune system
    • The plants of the southern Lagoon (video)
    • Anti-influenza and wellness herbs from the Lagoon
    • Health and beauty secrets of wild herbs
    • Clean eating: Six ingredients from the Lagoon
    • Le Salse Verdi: Venetian spring sauces
    • Recipes: Lina's laurel milk and detox blossom teas
  • 5
    Day #4:Healthy detox, Venetian style
    • Foraging for wild herbs in the Lagoon + where to taste them (video)
    • Losing weight with Venetian herbal recipes
    • Basic principles of the Venetian diet
    • Recipe: Castraúre ripiene con taleggio e pinoli: Spring artichokes with Taleggio cheese and pine nuts
    • Making almond milk at home
    • Spring treat: Ginger thyme spice latte
  • 6
    Baking bread, Venetian style
    • Making bread, Venetian style
    • Baking for 25 April: Marci Pane: The original recipe of marzipan
  • 7
    Moon gardening in Venice
    • A word about the gardens in Venice: Hortus Conclusus
    • Moon gardening in the Lagoon
    • Barene, islands and wildlife in the Lagoon (video)
    • Secret Lagoon: A tale of two islands
    • A fun quiz to test your understanding
    • What's next + a little gift for you

Explore the Lagoon, ancestral food and delicious spring recipes

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