Are you looking forward to green spring recipes?

A five-day virtual cooking class in which you will learn how to integrate refreshing & flowery spring dishes and beauty recipes from Venice into daily life

Celebrate spring with easy dishes from Venice

Learn how to make the most with seasonal ingredients, and welcome the warmer weather in the Venetian style

This online class shares colorful spring recipes and menus for five days, introducing you to the secrets of Venetian cooking, never told in cookbooks before: WHY and HOW Venetian cooking is really healing in the short and long term, and how this special way of cooking became famous in the world during 1,600 years. The secret behind can be summed up in a short sentence: Fresh food flavored with herbs and spices is your medicine and beauty product. By knowing when and how to use herbs and spices opens up a whole new world: You will benefit from ancient culinary know-how that will enhance your health and wellbeing especially if you suffer from chronic diseases and allergies. To round up this class, we also take you on a fascinating journey around the Lagoon of Venice in spring, because the light is simply mesmerizing.

Thank you for your truly beautiful work! It’s not just that this recent recipe has got me curious about the preparation of fried elderflowers, so many have inspired me to explore more of the history, cuisine and agriculture of Venice. OG Venice truly appreciates your work!

Marjorie Sterne - OG Venice Travel Guide

Topic One: The Basics of Seasonal Ancestral Food

Spring is the most brilliant season of the year. And it shows in the food flavored with freshly picked herbs.

Treat yourself and spend a virtual weekend in Venice with this online class. We start by showing you the gardens and lush nature of the Lagoon. We share the basic notions of foraging, show you our pantry and how we use herbs in the kitchen.

Topic Two: The Lagoon & Rejuvenating Recipes

Lush green, home to forgotten herbs and blossoms. Foraging secrets from the Lagoon.

Only two generations ago, our grandparents knew how to benefit fully from the treasures growing in the Lagoon. Leafing through grandmother's recipe journals, we discovered so many recipes using spring plants and blossoms. These recipes take you back in time and show a Venice none of us will ever forget.

Topic Three: Explore the Secret Lagoon + Lagoon Stewardship

Basic notions of the Lagoon + how the Lagoon works

Each chapter comes with a colorful video of the Lagoon. You will learn the basic Lagoon terminology, see the northern Lagoon, vegetable gardens and sandbanks home to sea lavender and edible herbs.

Topic Four: Culinary Framework and Spice Mixtures

Flavors and Colors

For almost 1,200 years, Venetian spice mixtures were famous in Europe. Learn the know-how behind the spice mixtures which were used in Europe to enhance health, beauty and wellbeing before the advent of artificially produced pharmacies.In the first of our four seasonal culinary classes, we explore the framework of Hippocrates and how it was used in Venice.

Topic Five: Easy + Delicious Recipes from the Lagoon!

In this class: Spring gourmet and detox recipes, mostly vegan.

Learn to make beauty teas, green minestrone, green sauces, vegetable dishes and healthy cakes!

Imagine you could..

.. see and taste Venice in spring. Learn more about ancestral food and how to create rejuvenating and cleansing gourmet dishes.

  • Use this class to explore the green Venice and the Lagoon on your own time. Learn about the flora of the Lagoon, edible herbs and their benefits.

  • Enjoy simple and natural dishes enriched with herbs and spices in the right amount and right combinations to mitigate chronic health issues.

  • Learn Venetian cooking secrets and improve your complexion, energy levels and wellbeing in general. Learn how to tackle seasonal issues such as allergies

  • Get to know the basic notions of Venetian culinary culture: Six flavors and colors of which nourishing food must consist.

Online Class Curriculum

Each class comes with e-books, videos, presentations, recipes, gifts and other surprises!

    1. Welcome from Iris and Lina

    2. Spice elixirs and forgotten recipes

    3. What I learnt from Grandmother: Eating healthy, Venetian style

    4. Our take on food and cooking: The benefits of ancestral food

    5. Curriculum + aims for this class

    6. Shopping list + class workbook

    7. Super food from the Lagoon

    8. Early spring soul food: Nonna's cinnamon balls

    1. Introducing the Lagoon of Venice (video)

    2. How many islands are there in the Lagoon? (video)

    3. How agriculture works in the Lagoon

    4. Papa Luciani's Healing Venetian Kitchen

    5. The importance of flavors and colors

    6. Flavors and their opposites on your plate

    7. Recipes for Day One

    1. Introducing ancestral Lagoon food (video)

    2. Ancestral food on your plate

    3. Spring herbs from the Lagoon

    4. The Venetian pantry

    5. How we tackle spring fatigue

    6. Tips for a balanced diet, Venetian style

    7. Recipes: Green spring risotto and blossom tea

    1. An invisible watershed? (video)

    2. Anti-influenza, wellness and beauty herbs from the Lagoon

    3. Beauty and health secrets: Spice masters and Lagoon monasteries

    4. Clean eating: Six ingredients from the Lagoon

    5. Le Salse Verdi: Venetian spring sauces

    6. Recipes: Lina's laurel milk and detox blossom teas

    1. Foraging for wild herbs in the Lagoon + where to taste them (video)

    2. How to choose healing herbs

    3. How to choose colors + flavors of food

    4. Artichokes from the Lagoon of Venice

    5. Making almond milk at home

    6. Ginger thyme spice latte (16th century recipe)

    1. Baking bread, Venetian style

    2. Marci Pane: The original recipe of marzipan (12th century)

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