Historical Cuisine - the Next Step to Saving Venice

Arte Culinaria

Culinary art will become an important component of the Venetian cultural offer in the future. Isn't it time to explore + taste our culinary heritage, taken up by creative restaurants and pastry stores? Here's your personal food tour across 1600 years of culinary art developed by La Serenissima .. enjoy!

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    Christmas used to be so special in Venice. Five hundred years ago, you would have visited the Christmas fairs at the Rialto Market. In late November, the spice merchants came back home from their voyages, their boats packed with tons of fragrant spices, precious herbs and healing roots. Venice was covered with silk draperies and Persian carpets and wrapped in a million scents of the Levant. It was the time when new perfume and spice mixtures were presented and luxury trends in fashion and perfumery created for the following year.

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The Four Steps of Venetian Historical Cuisine

How the first fusion cuisine ever was created

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Cucina bizantina: From the 6th century AD, large quantities of spices arrived in the Lagoon on board the merchant cogs. In Venice, these spices were used to flavor the existing dishes of the Roman and Byzantine cuisine. Venice was on its way to become the leading city in Europe in terms of arte culiniaria - culinary art. 

La Cucina di Marco Polo:
Spices were delivered from the Levant and Central Asia, and recipes were similar to those of Asia. Food tasted like a mix of Levantine - Chinese cuisine, inspired by the travels of Marco Polo. 

Cucina Mille e una notte: The flair of the Levant: In the 15th century, Venetian merchants introduced flavors from the southern spice roads, from Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and even Zanzibar. These flavors partly replaced the east Asian dishes, and spice masters created the unique Venetian style.

La Grande Cucina Venexiana: By the 16th century, Venice had set up a wide network of suppliers delivering ingredients from Southern Europe, Asia, and Africa. Venetians created a unique fusion cuisine, made of Lagoon flavors and exotic ingredients. This culinary style was prevalent in Venice until 1797. 

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